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On-the-Road Repair Payments for Drivers Are Now Fast, Easy and Hassle-Free.

Truckerbux is how successful, 21st century drivers are making payments. No more calls and time on hold. No more special codes. No more of those ridiculous checks.


Payment arranged in
one simple step.


Instant access to nationwide
network of repair shops.


Speed and simplicity to get
you back on the road.

Hassle Free

No phone calls, delays,
or paper checks.

Get the app and you’ll be back
on the road faster than you
ever imagined. Every time.

A breakdown is bad enough. But now, you have to jump through a thousand hoops to get your on-the-road repairs paid for, causing you to lose time, money, and patience.

TruckerBux has changed everything you know about repairing your rig and paying the bill. Just tap the app, find a shop, and arrange for payment. That’s it. No waiting. Just speed, efficiency, and simplicity to get your truck fixed and get you back on the road.

The TruckerBux app is coming soon. Watch this space or sign up to be notified when the app is available. And get ready to forget everything you know about repairs and payments. Get ready to have the access, service, and peace of mind you want and deserve.

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