Breakdowns Happen.

What happens after a breakdown
is what really matters most.

Does the driver sit around while repairs are made, causing all parties involved in the delivery process to lose time and money? Does dispatch move heaven and earth — and spend a small fortune – trying to get the driver another rig? Right now, there really are no time-sensitive and money-efficient options. But there will be very soon...


REPOWR gets you back on the road. Fast.

REPOWR is a game-changing, web-based platform and app that instantly connects drivers with idle tractor trailers they can rent quickly and easily — so they can get back on the road almost immediately. Think of it as the Airbnb, Uber, or Lyft for drivers.

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Here’s How It Works

REPOWR leverages asset-sharing and technology to keep drivers moving, keep revenues flowing, keep deliveries on time and keep customers satisfied.

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