Providing homes, healing and hope

Providing homes, healing and hope.

Since 1890, we’ve been answering a calling to serve. Today as Embrace Florida Kids, we’re a faith-based agency who is passionately focused on providing homes, healing and hope to vulnerable children who come from families in crisis, placed in foster care at no fault of their own.

With children as our first priority, we also work with their biological families to address harmful behavior, giving them a second chance at restoration. With God’s unconditional love as our motivation, we’re often able to help both children and families thrive despite the arduous challenges they face.

Our Story

Safe and Supportive Homes for Kids

Safe and Supportive Homes for Kids.

As advocates for children, we strive to provide a safe haven for neglected, abused or abandoned kids through a variety of programs while working to bring about preservation within their families.

Our Programs

Our Programs

Success Story

Success Story

  • Embrace Family Preservation

    “I lost my three kids once, and after finally getting them back, I promised never to lose them again. The FOCUS program at Embrace Florida Kids helped me become not just a better parent, but a better role model for my children. Now I’m going back to school and pursuing educational opportunities that will help me support myself, my children, and my family.”

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