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D. Paterson Cope
Wealth Management

“There are two great days in a person’s life –
the day we are born and the day we discover why”

– William Barclay

Wealth management isn’t
a linear process.

Building and accumulating wealth, as well as multigenerational financial planning, is constantly changing as life does. Priorities shift, circumstances change, opportunities arise. Successful wealth management isn’t simply creating one lifetime financial plan, it’s careful, ongoing consideration and appropriate response to the ever-changing events of life.

At D. Paterson Cope Wealth Management, we understand this concept and are committed to being a lifetime financial partner. We’re small and agile, with access to a vast range of financial products and services. We’re not transactional like big wire houses. We understand each client’s situation is different. And we’re personally committed to helping our clients navigate their goals and establish a financial present and future that reflects their family’s values and dreams for many generations to come.

Our Approach Makes Us Different

Services & Opportunities

Paterson Cope


Founding Partner of
D. Paterson Cope Wealth Management

Pat Cope is a CFP® designee and offers comprehensive financial planning that integrates your insurance, investment, retirement, tax and estate considerations into his practice to make sure your financial assets are working as efficiently as possible. For tax and estate considerations, your attorney and CPA are consulted for guidance.

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