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Partnering with Higher
Education to Meet Students’
Mental Health Care Needs.

Students Need Access to Mental Health Services.

College is a time of growth and exploration for young adults. But it can also be a time of enormous pressure and stress.

In fact, numerous studies have shown a third of college students have symptoms consistent with at least one mental health disorder and one in five have contemplated suicide in the past year.

A Lack of Services Leaves Students At Risk.

The steadily increasing demand for mental health services has colleges and universities scrambling to find solutions and increase service capacity. In the meantime, students are at risk — a situation that is neither acceptable or sustainable.

Together, We Can Help Students in Need.

Colleges and universities must develop accessible and approachable services to address students’ needs. They must also work to combat stigmas surrounding mental health that prevent students from seeking care.

Working together, we can increase service capacity and help even under-resourced clinics and departments care for more students. Together, we can help protect campus communities and dramatically impact the lives of students in need.

Together, We Can Make Your Students and Campus Healthier.

CPC partners with universities and colleges to provide affordable, accessible, and discreet mental health services for students. Whether your institution needs to establish a mental health services program or supplement existing services, CPC can create a customized plan for your campus and your students.

We Can Help You Support Your Students With:

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