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Want to know what settling for a club in the library gets you? Nothing. Instead of becoming a champion, you soon become an afterthought.

Every year since 1997, the members of Bulldog Motorsports have given their all to make a highly-competitive formula one style race car – by hand – that runs on gas and is fueled by passion. And when we’re done, we head to the track and make a statement by dismantling our competition. As a result of our commitment to excellence, we've put our team among the world’s best university Formula SAE programs. And we’ve put most every other club on campus in the rearview mirror.

Want to contribute the professional skills you’re developing every day in classrooms and labs at MSU toward something that makes your heart race? Appreciate meticulous engineering and ingenuity? Love cars and have a need for speed 24/7, 365?

Come be a part of the fastest, ground-based organization on campus. Sign up now to join Bulldog Motorsports!

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There’s no pretending to be a champion. You don’t just show up and get handed the trophy. It has to be earned.

That’s why at Bulldog Motorsports, we work harder than you can imagine to design, build, and race a formula one style race car each year.

Because of our sponsors’ support, we are able to continue to track towards our goal of becoming a global top 40 team – and we are well on our way. As a sponsor, you’ll help improve our facilities, acquire the parts needed to build a top-flight race car and recruit the most talented crew members – all enabling us to sustain the highest level of racing performance around.

Speaking of recruiting superstars, you’ll have the first shot at recruiting ours when it’s time to do some hiring at your company. That’s right. As a sponsor, you’ll have access to the best and brightest students on campus – right here in our club. And you’ll already be on a first name basis having 100% confidence they can step in day one and go from 0-60, exceeding your expectations for new employee performance.

Ready to be a part of something that thrills you to your core? Relive those moments when you watched the speedometer jump and the tach hit the red zone? Go for it – sign up now to become a sponsor. We guarantee you’ll have the ride of your life.

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