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At Signature Health, we provide more than just exceptional medical care—it’s a level of trust, compassion and personal care like no other. In a traditional medical practice, it’s not unusual for a physician to see as many as 40 patients a day. Which means the doctor sees each patient for only a few minutes—hardly enough to provide the personalized, quality care each patient wants and deserves.

We don’t have appointment time limits or daily patient quotas. In fact, we limit our total patient base to 600 so we can guarantee each will receive the attention, understanding, and care they need to achieve overall health and wellness. It also means our patients enjoy around-the-clock access to our physician and same- or next-day appointments.

Personalized Attention


No waiting,
just wellness

We’ve structured our practice to encourage and support the patient-physician relationship. This means giving our physician the ability to spend as much time as necessary to understand each patient physically and emotionally, and provide the care needed to promote overall health and well-being.

In the past, patients and doctors had relationships. Physicians knew their patients, and patients trusted their physicians. At Signature Health, we believe that’s the way medicine should be—improved health, mutual trust and common goals—because that’s what’s best for the patient. And that’s what matters most.

Our team works diligently to build strong relationships so that patients will always feel comfortable discussing all types of health conditions, concerns and changes. And we help you understand all of the information, results and diagnoses in a way that makes sense.

We always begin prospective relationships with a consultation so that you are able to tell us your expectations and we are able to determine whether our practice is the perfect fit for you.


We Are Focused On You

W. Robert Spiegel, M.D.

President/owner, Signature Health, PC

Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Spiegel is the founder and chief physician of Signature Health. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, he earned his undergraduate degree in Economics from Davidson College in 1989. Dr. Spiegel performed his pre-med studies at Georgia State University prior to earning his M.D. from Mercer University School of Medicine in 1998.

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Pam Herron, R.N.

Pam Herron graduated from Samford University School of Nursing. She has worked in managing nursing floors to being a hospital supervisor always making patients more informed and comfortable. Her career in management displayed a strong emphasis in oncology, orthopedics, and wound care. Pam has remained a patient advocate in all areas of service. Her commitment to her patients led her to accepting a job with Dr. Rob Spiegel in private practice as his nurse. Her professionalism and compassion made a unique addition to his practice. She continues to be that caring and reliable person with a reputation for building a great rapport between medical providers and patients. She has worked over 36 years and truly made it a career in delivering a high standard of care and support to patients.

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Blake Moore, L.P.N.

Since his early days in elementary school, Blake Moore’s life has been dedicated to the compassionate care of others. He truly has a passion for nursing and knows that God has designed this career for his life. Blake’s work with Dr. Spiegel began in December of 2015 and his dedication, commitment and knowledge in long-term care have been a great addition to the practice.

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Bringing back the patient-doctor relationship

  • Dr. Rob Spiegel is a "top tier" internist with a wealth of medical knowledge and excellent clinical skills. During his years as a hospitalist at St. Vincent's, I have been impressed by his comprehensive and compassionate care to his patients. Along with his organized and pleasant manner, he has all the essential attributes to be an outstanding concierge medicine physician.

  • “As a nurse for 40 years, I have had the privilege to work with some truly great physicians in a number of fields. I have now had the honor to work with the best Internal Medicine physician of my career—Dr. Robert Spiegel. Dr. Spiegel demonstrates a tremendous in-depth knowledge of medicine and a true compassion for his patients. He also exhibits an unceasing drive to find the root cause of an illness and treat it appropriately.”

  • “Dr. Spiegel provided a compassionate and caring hands-on approach to my mother’s care. He communicated regularly with the multiple specialists involved in her care and kept us informed of the important things we needed to know. He genuinely cared if my mother was having a good day and always listened intently to her. His excellent medical skills were matched by his warm personal touch on his daily visits.”

  • “Dr. Rob Spiegel is the quintessential doctor. He strives to give patients the utmost appropriately aggressive care. There has never been a time that I have needed him that he was not there for my patients. He is a true star in the field of medicine.”

  • “I have known and worked with Dr. Rob Spiegel for several years. He is a skilled, compassionate physician, a mentor for new physicians and a nurse advocate. He spends time with patients and their families explaining tests, procedures and the plan of the day. He is very current on new "trends" in medicine. He is the kind of physician that you want for your family.....and he has a great sense of humor, too.”


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Level 1 Annual Fees:

$1650/Individual – $1500/Spouse – $825/Under 40

Level 2 Annual Fees:

$3000/Individual – $2500/Spouse

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